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Best App To Record Phone Calls Android


Best App To Record Phone Calls Android – Call recording apps have many legitimate uses, but it’s hard to find an app that does the job well.

Call recording on Android is complicated. It worked well for many years. Google disabled the feature, then re-enabled it, and finally disabled it permanently starting in May 2022. Due to years of workarounds, regional restrictions, changes in Google and API policies, and carrier restrictions, there is a lot of information out there, and a lot is no longer accurate.

Best App To Record Phone Calls Android

The list was rewritten from top to bottom in November 2022 after Google helped access it. We can confirm that all of the apps in the list below work on our two test devices, and we’ve made over 140 phone calls in total to test the apps required for this. Here are the best call recording apps for Android.

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Some of these methods may not work on all phones in all regions. The list below was tested with Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 devices. Both are running Android 13. This test was also conducted in the United States. This list also includes some apps outside the Play Store. If you need help installing non-Google Play apps, here’s a tutorial you can use.

One last thing: call recording apps don’t work with Wi-Fi calls. You need to disable these apps for this to work.


Call recording is the hottest topic in mobile. It should be relatively easy, but it isn’t. It worked fine until Android 9, when Google disabled it for the first time. It was disabled until Android 11. Technically, the functionality is still there in Android 13. Some OEMs like Google and Samsung bundle call recording into the native dialer app, but only in certain regions.

In 2022, Google changed its Google Play policy to prevent apps from using accessibility permissions to record calls. This is how developers have enabled this feature. Since this is the easiest method, developers tried to find a solution after the May 2022 ban.

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How To Record Phone Calls On Your Iphone « Ios & Iphone :: Gadget Hacks

Years of policy, API and functionality changes have left users with outdated tutorials and a set of solutions that no longer work, compounding the problem.

So, in short, there are four things that prevent people from taking calls. The version of Android running on your phone may block it completely. Second, the region you live in may disable features. Google Play policies make it difficult for developers to release products that actually work. Finally, lack of root access limits one’s ability to bypass the previous three problems.

Today, there are three main solutions. The first is to download an app from outside the Play Store that also allows you to use Accessibility. Another method is to use a secondary plugin or app that uses the Accessibility API while connecting to the original app to record calls, bypassing the Google Play restriction. The third is root access. We cover all three listed below.

ACR Phone is a dialer app on the Google Play Store from the developer of ACR Call Recorder. It has many features including caller ID, call blocking, auto dialing and of course call recording. APH, which stands for ACR Phone Helper, is an add-on that bypasses the Google Play Store’s accessibility policy and allows you to record phone calls. Both must be installed for this to work. Call recording appears to be free, at least it was during our testing, so you don’t need to pay anything to make it work.

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Here’s how I did it. First I installed ACR Phone and enabled all required permissions. So I installed APH and enabled everything there too. Once done, I made a test call and activated the recording manually. The call was recorded without any problems. Use the button below to download the ACR Phone app from the Google Play Store. APH Assistant is available in Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei App Gallery and third-party downloads.

Lucky Mobile Apps Call Recorder is another suitable solution. It is a standard, old recording application. It does not precede the dialer, but runs automatically in the background. Accessibility is essential, so we don’t know why Google hasn’t removed this from Google Play. Just set a long list of permissions and let it go. The user interface is clean and the settings are easy to use.

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Automatically records your phone calls when in use. You don’t need to start manually, you just have to remove old recordings manually. The app costs $3.49 to remove ads, but the feature is otherwise free. This is an affordable and functional solution. However, Google Play can prevent this. We’re not sure yet.

CallU is SMSROBOT’s call recording application. Use accessibility features to record phone calls. We’re not entirely sure how it got around the new Google Play ban, but it’s still working as of this writing. This is very easy to set up. Open the app, accept permissions, give overlays and accessibility options, and then automatically record your phone calls. The user interface is a bit clunky, but it works and doesn’t take long to learn.

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The recorded calls sounded fine to me and are on par with the rest. It also works out of the box without a special manual trigger like many others. One of the best benefits is the lack of subscription. You pay a single fee of $3.49 to remove ads; Otherwise it will do you good. Definitely one of the best options in the space as long as it stays on Google Play.

Cube ACR is a popular call recorder that works despite the ban on Google Play. It does this with the App Connector plugin, which still allows accessibility, but is not part of the main app. This means that everything is always available on Google Play without additional downloads. In terms of usability, it is quite simple. The app automatically records calls by default, so most other settings are tweaks.

When I tried this, it seemed inconsistent when autorecording at the start of a call. To remedy this, I switched from notification to widget, which requires overlay permission. So after the call started, I stopped it manually and then added the recording again. Then it worked fine.

The app has a free trial for seven days. After that, there are several subscription options. We recommend the $2.99 ​​per week option if you only need to record a few phone calls, or the $19.99 per year option if you want to keep it longer.

Best Call Recording App!!!!!

Magisk Manager is a tool for root users to extend the functionality of their phone. There are different modules that do different things and some of them are call recording. We looked at Pixelify. It adds a bunch of Pixel-specific features to the phone, like wallpapers, Magic Eraser, Google Dialer and more. Google dialer has enabled call recording and plugin developer has also enabled call recording in all regions.

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It doesn’t work on all phones, and the developer says so right away. However, if it does, it’s one of the easiest ways for root users to do it, and it also adds other fun Pixel features. Root, Magisk Manager and Pixelify are required to do this, so we only recommend this to power users who know what they’re doing. You can download Pixelify and Magisk from here by clicking the button below. You have to manually find the instructions, root your device.

TrueC is a very suitable option for phone call recording. This is a dialer app, so replace the stock dialer app with this one. The user interface is clean, if a little clunky in parts, and the options are fairly easy to find. It also works well in terms of call recording. The app worked on both our test phones. However, its call recording quality was the worst among the apps on the list.

In the settings, we left everything as it was and it seemed to work fine. It uses the phone’s microphone to record calls instead of recording locally. It’s an excuse, but it’s louder and less muffled than most other apps that do this. Listening to recorded calls requires another application, such as an audio player or file browser application. The developer claims that a dedicated player for listening to calls will be added in a future update. It works, but not as well as others on the list.

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Some OEMs build call recording directly into the stock dialer. The list includes Google and Samsung, Huawei and many others. This is the cleanest way to record phone calls because it comes from within and is integrated with your default dialer. The only problem is its availability. Only in some regions

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