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Best Cell Phone Deal Now


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Apple iPhone 13 mini Best Small iPhone Jump to Details $699.99 Amazon See It (Opens in New Window) Samsung Galaxy S22 Best Small Android Phone Jump to Details $646.36 Amazon See It (Opens in New Window) Apple iPhone SE (2022) Cheapest iPhone Mini Costs Amazon See It $429.00 (Opens in new window) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Best Folding Phone Costs Amazon See It $849.99 ( Unihertz Titan Pocket Best One-Handed Keyboard Jump to Details $309.99 Amazon See It (Opens in New Window) Nokia 225 4G Cheapest Phone Jump to Details $49.97 Amazon See It (Opens in New Window) Unihertz Jelli 2 Best for End Screen Addiction Jumps from $199.00 Details at Unihertz See It (opens in a new window)

Best Cell Phone Deal Now

Smartphones have gradually spread and now we have reached a point where it is difficult for most people to use only one hand. Inevitably bigger smartphones: Apple and Samsung are saving the best camera, biggest battery and most storage for a 3-inch widescreen in the Max and Ultra models, respectively. But it’s still possible to find a good little phone that fits in your hand, gives you all the features you want, and generally doesn’t break the bank.

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Mind you, these are the best small phones we’ve ever tried. Whether you’re shopping for Android or Apple, we’re here to help.

Since 1982, thousands of products have been tested and evaluated to help you make better purchasing decisions. See how we test. (Opens in a new window)

The iPhone 13 mini is Apple’s most affordable and easy-to-use smartphone, but you might want to spend $100 on the larger iPhone 13 for longer battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is comfortable in one hand and just as powerful as its siblings, but its smaller size reduces battery life.

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Apple Announces The New Iphone Se: A Powerful Smartphone In An Iconic Design

While not quite the revelation of its predecessor, Apple’s iPhone SE 2022 is a solid little phone that should remain relevant for years to come.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 feels better, and its small but important display on the front keeps you focused on the world around you.

The small Unihertz Jelli 2 is the perfect phone if you want an app when you need it with the least effort.

Smartphones have gotten bigger, but our hands haven’t. When LG released its G2 smartphone, the company said that most people could easily hold the 2.8-inch phone. This may be the reason why the base size of Samsung’s S model was between 2.7 and 2.8 inches than the Galaxy S3. Apple has had a 2.65-inch option since the iPhone 6. (Samsung also had a “Mini” line for a while, but it was rarely sold in the United States.)

Tracfone Nokia 2760 Flip Phone

Palm width tells you how big the phone can be before it falls out of your hand. The length of the thumb indicates the size of the screen available in one hand. According to an old NASA study cited by HealthLine (opens in new window), the average hand width for women is 3.1 inches and for men 3.5 inches. The Center for Construction Research and Training’s estimates are slightly lower (opens in new window): 2.91 inches for women and 3.3 inches for men. And in 2012

Excerpts from a US military study (opens in new window) found that the average thumb length for men is 2.74 inches and for women 2.49 inches. So LG’s 2.8-inch phone is just a hair larger than the full size of the average person’s thumb.


For this integration I used 2.8 inches as the maximum width of the phone. Many may think that these phones are a little bulky for one-handed use, but small phone beggars cannot be an option.

The push towards mobile Internet and video was initially driven by the growth of mobile screens. As the phone becomes people’s primary window for accessing the Internet and popular video streaming software, a large screen is more attractive than a small device.

Nothing Phone (1) Preview: Carl Pei’s First Android Phone Is Only Average On The Inside

The Galaxy S22 (left) is easier to carry than the Galaxy S22+ (middle) and the Galaxy S21 (right) (Credit: Molly Flores)

If the size of the body of the hands prevents the manufacturer from increasing the phone, they remain larger, moving the ratio of height to width of the screen from the usual 16:9 to 18:9 or 18.5:9. Sony has achieved 21:9 by creating a compact flagship phone that delivers beautiful 21:9 video originally intended for large-screen TVs. If you’re worried about “small” but in the sense that it might get through your phone, one of these phones might be a good choice.

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People also like big batteries, and the easiest way to pack a bigger battery is to make the phone bigger. Unlike other technologies, battery capacity is very resistant to technological improvements – try too cleverly to reduce the extra battery and you’ll have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion.

Finally, phone makers want to charge more. Steve Cistulli, former CEO of TCL (now Coolpad), once told me, “Americans buy by the square inch.” There is a deep theme in American consumer culture that bigger is better and more expensive: bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger TVs and bigger phones. Phone manufacturers have a hard time convincing consumers that something small is worth it.

Best Flip Phones To Buy In 2022

In 2020, there will be a small turn. Apple, Google and Samsung have come out with smaller (and less feature-rich) versions of their smartphones. In times of crisis, when we are all making money, these exchanges are more attractive than before. A few older iPhones are still worth considering. Learn more about which iPhone to buy here.

The Unihertz Jelli 2 is so small that using its touch keyboard can be a bit difficult Sasha Segan

Some companies specialize in small appliances. Unihertz is the best of them all, they’ve put together a handful of affordable, functional and really small phones that push the boundaries of small phones and still have a usable keyboard.

If you are looking for a small phone because the big screen is boring to you or you are tired of small phones, it is worth considering. The Nokia 225 4G is the smallest and cheapest phone still working. These little bar phones now fit in your hand, just like their ancestors did in 2006.

Advantages Of Mobile Phones

Unfortunately, small smartphones seem to remain a niche market. The iPhone 12 mini is the best-selling device in Apple’s iPhone 12 series (opens in a new window). Apple stayed true to the new iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE, but unfortunately the company did not release the iPhone 14 mini. But Asus (with the Zenfone 9), Samsung and Sony keep small premium devices in their lineup.

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$699.99 at Amazon (Unlocked in New Windows) $699.99 at Verizon (Unlocked in New Windows)

$646.36 at Amazon (opens in new window) $799.99 at Verizon (opens in new window)

$429.00 at Amazon (Opens in a new window) $429.00 at (Opens in a new window)

How To Transfer Apps & Data To A New Phone

$849.99 at Amazon (opens in new window) $999.99 at Best Buy (opens in new window)

$309.99 on Amazon (opens in new window) $299.00 on Kickstarter (opens in new window)

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Whether you want the new Google Pixel 7 or one of the best Samsung Galaxy phones, these are the best Android phones you can buy right now.

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