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Best Cell Phone Operating System


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See everything you need to know about different smartphone operating systems in a tablecloth-sized table, then pick the best phones for each.

Best Cell Phone Operating System

We spent the entire weekend drawing a big chart of the strengths and weaknesses of each smartphone operating system to hang on our doors. Now we wish we didn’t have to worry because the guys at have done it for us.

Top 10 Best Mobile Phones In India In 2022

The epic smartphone software chart covers iOS 4.3.3, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, BlackBerry OS 6 and Windows Phone 7.

We like the graphics for their full pixel nature, but we also like that they don’t focus on simple details. It breaks down the pros and cons of the Android Market open source app, for example, into precise sentences.

We’ve looked at the chart again and agree with most of the authors’ calls on various aspects. Keep in mind, however, that just because an operating system is underperforming in certain areas doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired. It may not meet the standards set by its competitors in the industry.

Once you find the OS that’s right for you, here are our picks for the best phones on sale right now for everyone:

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Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps 2022

Graphics will need some updates soon, and most smartphone operating systems are due for major updates this year. Apple plans to release iOS 5 in the fall with new pull-down notifications for things like new email, a feature it inherited from Android. Around the same time, we’ll see Windows Phone Mango, which adds a multitasking menu so you can switch between open apps.

RIM plans to bring its BlackBerry tablet OS, which is currently featured in the PlayBook, to phones, though we don’t know when. Similarly, Android Ice Cream Sandwich will bring the benefits of the tablet version of Honeycomb to phones.


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