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Best Games For First Graders


Best Games For First Graders – Sight words and high frequency words are an important part of teaching young readers. These words need to be memorized, which means they require a lot of repetition and practice. I love using these online games to teach vocabulary in the classroom.

Visual teaching can be very challenging in the classroom because you have a classroom full of students who are learning different things in different ways at different rates. 🥴

Best Games For First Graders

It takes a lot of repetition and practice, but all of our students need these things in different ways.

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I face visionary advice from all sides. We read them in sentences, perform them with music and movement, make Art and more!

These 10 online games for learning complex words are free and very interactive. [Free from August 2019] They give students the opportunity to practice finding, matching and reading words, all while playing fun games.

Note: Do you know the difference between sight words and high frequency words? I think they are the same length. Knowing their differences has helped me with my advice. Read more about it here!

This classic bingo game from abcya.com is a favorite of all my students. The little amoeba monster at the top says a word, then the student remembers it and clicks on it.

Best First Grade Printable Paper Like

This game is great on a computer or interactive whiteboard. I let my students take turns putting the SmartBoard in my classroom under zero. Middle, or we do it as a whole group when we have a minute.

Students love this fun word recognition game. The computer said one word. Then they use pointers to find it and polish it.

I love this game because the word is in more than one block so students see and recognize the word over and over again!

There are many, many memory games online, but this is my favorite. I like that the computer says the word as you flip the card, whether it’s a match or not.

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First Grade Learning Games That Engage Kids

Seeing and hearing words repeatedly is ideal for auditory and visual learners. I also feel good that when they finish the level, they can Keep playing with new words!

Students love word games that use this space theme. Cats say the words they are trying to find. Words pass through energy cells and they must click on the correct ones.

The words are floating around so students have to identify them quickly. Like Sight Word Smash, words appear more than once. 👏

I absolutely love this listening and spelling game! We know readers struggle with sight words because they don’t follow them. Good rules or because they are too high. We also know that students learn to read and write words at the same time.

I See A Lot Of People Post Thier First N64 Game Or Nes Game, But This Is How I Got Into Gaming.

This game gives them a chance to spell with a limited number of letters at the bottom. First write the words and then students use the yellow letters to spell the words. it. The only letters available are the letters found in the word.

Playing this game helps students move from “identifying” to “creating” in Bloom’s Taxonomy, which we know helps with information retention. Students will gain confidence in writing sight words as well as reading them!

This recognition game uses the same concept as matching, except students can see all the words at once. They press the sound button on the yellow tile to hear the word they are looking for. Then they find the blue puzzle piece and drag it away.

I love that this game adds the element of looking at multiple words to find the correct word. It enables students to practice recognizing words quickly by their initial sounds.

Great Icebreakers For The Classroom

Students who play this game work with the popcorn machine in the movie theater. A monkey approached the counter and said a word he saw. Students click on the correct word to give to the monkey.

When they distribute 10 popcorns correctly, they take a quick break and then move on. Their goal is to become a manager. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that my students have requested Let’s play this game!

This silly game is another favorite of my students. They play kittens that bounce from ball of yarn to ball of yarn. The computer says what it sees. This word is in one of the four balls of yarn in front of one of your kitty.

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Students love this game because they compete with three other kittens. The winner is the first to reach the sofa at the end of the game. You have to hurry to catch the words that belong to the correct year if you want to win!

Behavior Made Easier!

Note: This game has an option at the beginning to choose a color, name, etc. You want to teach students to do this quickly (and set expectations) so that they can do it independently.

Although I have already included the Memory Sight Word game, who doesn’t love Starfall? In this word game, students have to find out if they are the same word by sight only, because it is not read until the match. But I like that they have three stars in the upper left corner to show their progress to the next level.

When students complete the game, they can move on to level 2, where sight words are more difficult. Students like high grades to show their achievements!

In my reading tool, kangaroo students get additional tools to become better readers. The first tool is a flashlight. He used it to highlight the words in the dark cave.

Top 10 Teacher Tools For The Primary Classroom

This game is more challenging than other games because students are asked to complete sentences with the correct spelling. The computer reads the sentence. The students then float the flashlight around the cave to find the gold. 🔦

In this example, I’m looking for the word “again”. Other options in the cave are the misspelled words “agin”, “agane”, etc. This game is perfect for students who are confident in reading many words and are ready for a challenge!


These 10 online games for learning sight words are perfect for giving students extra practice and lots of repetition in my classroom. Did I miss your favorite show? How do you like to practice your words? Let me know below! 👇

I mean, what is vocabulary practice (even with the fun and free word games shared above) if students aren’t taught vocabulary clearly? 🤔

The Strategy Game

These Google Slides lessons and exercises can be used with any free Google account and are super easy to assign in Google Classroom!

As you assign words to students one at a time, they will learn, define, create, read in context, and understand new words. It is a clear guide and action, all in one.

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While the lesson has audio, this video example does not. 🎧 Students can read words and sentences if necessary.

You can purchase 150 Digital Sight Word Lessons and Practice (for use with Google Slides™️) on my website or on TpT.

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Looking for the perfect way to learn new words and review old sight words while learning remotely? Need this resource. Digital vocabulary activities can be fun, but what good are they if students haven’t learned the vocabulary yet? Do they need to practice something they have not yet learned about? Enter: Digital Vision Words Learn and Practice! This 100% digital visual vocabulary resource is every teacher’s dream! Yes, that includes your parents at home! Each sight word activity (100 words total!) guides students through word learning, word reading, word recognition, word construction/spelling, and word use.

This is a great digital word project and SO WELL DONE!!!! So creative…love the stickers they can give themselves at the end! -Lacy S. Games have become a huge part of our lives over the past 18 months. Whether it’s the extra time at home or my kids growing up, it’s not clear at all… but I Here! I have compiled a list of ten favorite games in our repertoire. James is in 1st grade (almost 7) ​​and Rose is in Kindergarten. Some of these games require reading, so adult participation may be necessary (depending on your child). But the beauty of the game is that once they own it, children can play it independently with friends or siblings. The winner.

Most of these toys are available at Amazon or Target. Even if there are no board games yet, it might be wise to get some for the coming winter. Have fun!

Dragon Dash: A game of strategy and luck, Dragon Dash is actually a lot of fun for adults too! James first came across this game at school and asked

Simple, Easy And Fun Classic Card Games For Kids

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