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Best North Face Laptop Backpack


Best North Face Laptop Backpack – If you’re looking for an all-in-one package to take to work, travel, and short hikes, this is a great option.

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Best North Face Laptop Backpack

The North Face Recon is a comfortable and versatile laptop backpack (for an active and busy lifestyle). It has two large pockets to store everything you need for a day on the town. It’s also capable of storing jackets in large pockets when you’re ready to hit the trails. Very similar to The North Face Borealis. This pack will serve you well when hiking in the woods or mountains with a large outside pocket for storing extra clothing and two outside water bottle pockets (and the laptop sleeve can also act as a hydration bladder). For those who live in humid climates, we recommend this pack, as it scored highly in the shower test. There is a women’s model in different colors, a special women’s back panel and shoulder straps.

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The Recon is one of the highest-rated laptop backpacks we’ve tested, but it scored slightly lower on some notable test reviews. It scored high in the six categories we used to evaluate this backpack: storage, ease of use, and water resistance. Our testers also found it to be one of the most comfortable bags to wear, whether you’re walking or cycling. If you need a backpack that can also be used in the woods, this backpack is a great choice, with water bag compatibility and lots of extra outside pockets for clothing.

Even with the North Face backpack’s old look, the Recon is still a strong contender in its lineup.

The Recon scores very well on laptop protection, as does its cousin, the North Face Borealis, which we gave it the second highest score, a strong 8 out of 10. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. What we like about it is that it has two pockets, the larger compartment that fits a 15-inch laptop and the smaller one for an 11-inch tablet or Chromebook. We also love how the laptop sleeve hangs. On the center back, and the lining on the back plate of the laptop. The bottom of the bag extends about three inches below the bottom of the pocket, a feature we found essential for ensuring the laptop doesn’t touch the ground when the bag does. Your laptop’s arms are slightly pinched, making it difficult to escape from your grip.

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The laptop case, despite being padded and fleece-lined, fits our 15-inch MacBook perfectly and made it difficult to get out in a hurry at times.

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The cons we’d improve on are the lack of a secure strap for the laptop pouch. Instead, this package leaves the laptop free to move around. Even though it fits snugly on our 15″ MacBook, the movement feels a bit fragile.

This laptop package ties in with its cousin, the North Face Borealis, in that it is a very comfortable package compared to the other competitors in the review. We think it has some of the most comfortable shoulder straps. Although the pack comes with a waist and chest strap, we must emphasize that this is a simple strap, not a full belt as is the case with larger packs. This detail makes shoulder strap comfort very important, especially when carrying heavy loads. Finally, the waist and sternum straps help stabilize the backpack, especially while riding, but don’t add to comfort.

The Recon has two large pockets. For a laptop, this bag has plenty of room for books or other items, like an extra change of clothes, and a fleece-lined pocket for a small tablet or electronic device. We tend to go for the smaller pocket for our 11-inch Chromebooks. It also has built-in organizers for pens and loose items to help keep you organized. On the outside of the package is a small zippered pocket that can hold things like simple electronics. Or phone.

The Recon has two side water bottle pockets and a front pocket with clip access for larger items. This feature was great for our headphones, as the cases are bulky and don’t fit into several small packages. Some of the smaller bags don’t give us the luxury of a room with all of our other gear. Recon includes a combination of excellent storage and well-thought-out organizational features.

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The front snap pocket is a great place for larger items like our headphones and cases that won’t fit in a fully packed package.

The features that make Recon a good choice for storage make it a versatile package. The large interior pocket is perfectly shaped for books, binders or documents, but is also quite large and expandable. With this extension, users can include other items such as groceries in it. The comfortable fit and multiple external pockets make it a great choice for outdoor use such as hiking or hiking.

With all the storage options in a small compartment, we were able to fit this large pack with all kinds of extras.

Style is a personal opinion, but our panel of experts agreed that the Recon was the least stylish bag of the bunch we tested. It’s available in over ten different color combinations, so you’ll likely find one you like. This bag reminds us of school bags when we were still in elementary school, the time when the North Face jacket was a must-have item for the outdoors. Styles have evolved and we think it might be time for this pack to get a new look.

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Recon is one of the top performers when it comes to water resistance. Like most of the bags tested, the Recon has a durable water-repellent coating (DWR) applied that causes water to pool and spill immediately on contact. These details are, of course, only coatings and must be reapplied with time and use. The main compartment zipper, which is a potential leak point, has a well-designed flap that acts as a waterproof seal.

Recon has implemented a durable water repellent (DWR) coating that repels water on contact.

The Recon will absolutely shine for users who need to carry a variety of items on their trips or who love the fact that it’s a versatile day hiker pack. However, its appearance makes it more suitable for students than serious professionals. It would also make a great travel package and is also a good choice for wet weather travelers.

The MSRP is $99, placing it in the middle of the price range for the laptop backpacks we tested. Since it scores fairly high in all of our tests, we think it’s a good score.

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The North Face Recon isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s a good package and highly recommended for avid laptop users. If you’re looking for a pack that has lots of storage, is versatile for work and trails, and is also waterproof, this is the perfect choice for you.

The Recon’s highly adjustable sternum and hip belt make it a great choice for daytime walking, biking, and hiking.

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The North Face Recon has lots of pockets and built-in features, making it a complete backpack at a competitive price.

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