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Best Website For Phone Cases

There are 8.5 billion mobile device connections worldwide, out of our population of 7.6 billion people. That’s a lot of cell phones!

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While this sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi horror movie, it’s actually a good sign if you want to make phone cases and accessories to sell online.

Custom cell phone cases are easy to get hold of and appeal to people who want extra customization or functionality in a device they can’t live without.

As with any business where the barrier to entry is low, there will be competition. But all you need to be successful is a part of this huge market.

If making and selling phone cases sounds like an interesting idea for an online business, but you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our guide on how to start a business to get started.

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Struggling to increase sales? Learn how to go from day one to your first sale in this free training course.

A phone case is a lucrative way to make money online. A custom phone case will seemingly never go out of style.

At a compound annual growth rate of 5.4%, or CAGR, the size of the “cell phone case market” is projected to grow from $6,572 million in 2020, to reach $9,926.2 million by 2026, according to MarketWatch. It is clear that there will be no shortage of customers for your phone case.

The phone covers are also easy to handle from a management point of view. They don’t break often, so there are fewer comebacks to deal with. They are usually easy and cheap to ship and often have decent profit margins. You can find phone cases for as low as $5 on dropshipping sites and sell them for $10+ – an easy 50% profit.

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The best part? It doesn’t take a lot of initial investment to start a phone case business. You can set up an online store in minutes, connect it to a dropshipping app, and be online in hours.

Before you start making your own phone cases, there are a few things you should know, such as what types of phone cases are available and which phones they will support.

Some phone cases are more practical, while others are more visually appealing. Some offer protection, while others are more like a second “skin” than a case. Some phone case companies try to address all of the above.

There are many options, but here are some of the more common types to get you started.

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Slim cases are on the slimmer side and allow you to add an attractive design and extra grip to your phone, often through a flexible, rubbery silicone gel material.

These are some of the cheapest options you can use to create and design your own phone case, especially if you want them printed on demand (more on that later). Remember, not every customer in the market for a phone case wants a super obvious “secure” case.

Unlike thin phone cases, these cases usually only cover the sides/back of the phone (they can also come with an extra piece to protect the back from scratches) and are often made from a harder, more impact resistant material to protect your phone from bumps and scratches.

Folio cases have a shell that folds over the front of the phone to protect the screen from dust and scratches and give the phone the feel of a small laptop.

Phone Cases & Accessories

Some even have wallet-like features, like the ability to store cash or credit cards, while others can double as a stand to prop up your phone.

You’ll usually find them in a leather material and they’ll likely cost more than slim cases, but they’ll also appeal to more practical consumers.

Many people have a phone case less as an aesthetic choice and more as a way to protect the hundreds of dollars they have invested in their phone should they ever drop it.

It’s important to recognize this when creating phone case lists online and writing product descriptions for heavy-duty phone cases, as anything from drop tests to waterproof details can help customers feel reassured.

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While more expensive than most phone cases, battery cases are also very practical and offer a lot of utility for those moments when we wish we had a little more juice.

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Since these cases not only protect your phone but also provide an extra charge, battery cases are a great companion to phone models where battery life is a constant complaint.

Silicone is another cheap option for selling phone cases online. Silicone cases are soft and durable and work well even in high temperatures. Silicone phone cases offer a softer touch for customers. You can find them on dropshipping sites for around $2 per case.


It’s not just about deciding which phone cases you want, but also which phones you want to support.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g (8gb/128gb) 6.4 Inch Smartphone

However, this can also provide an opportunity to dig into specific niches based on phone models. If you can anticipate the need for cases for upcoming phones or spot underserved types of smartphones, there may be an opportunity there.

To get started, do some basic keyword searches in Google Keyword Planner or KWFinder to see search volume that reflects demand for cases for specific phone types. If you plan to use Google Ads to sell your products, it’s definitely worth considering before making your phone case.

The best phone case companies didn’t succeed overnight. Despite some trial and error, these brands have followed a business plan and grown at a sustainable pace. Use this step-by-step guide to structure your business model and create your phone case:

You won’t be able to successfully design your own phone case based on effort alone. Think of a market niche that nobody fills yet. Is this the best case for outdoor adventures? Is it a line of cases designed by local artists from your region? Find out what types should be available that big brands don’t currently offer, then create phone cases online to fill those gaps. While many consumers are even looking to make cases for themselves, there are still plenty of opportunities to corner the market.

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Andrew Moore, founder of Felony Case, says in an interview with Masters that when he started the phone case business, “he saw a need in the iPhone case market. At the time, they had basic cases that you could buy from Dollarama, the Dollar Store, or at a mall kiosk where they were super cheap.

In researching him, Andrew discovered that the other side of the market consisted of expensive, protective iPhone cases. But the phone case wasn’t aesthetically pleasing either.

He saw a need “where more fashionistas might be looking for an iPhone case, something unique.” Think about it, a woman with a large wallet probably doesn’t want a cheap model case or a bulky protective case. So Andrew opted for stylish cases that would also offer protection in case someone drops their phone.

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A business plan guides the entire journey while creating your phone case. It can help you clarify your strategy, identify obstacles, understand what you need in terms of resources, and evaluate your business idea before launching it.

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Ask yourself: what is the ultimate goal of this product? Want to design your phone case to be a brand sold by Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters? Do you want to create an exclusive brand sold in boutiques? Do you want to open an e-commerce store and sell to your followers? You may wish to donate a portion of your sales to a respected charity, as a business owner you are ultimately responsible.

A business plan is often used to secure financing, but many entrepreneurs find it helpful to write a plan, even if they never work with an investor. That’s why we created a free business plan template to help you get started.

We’ll also send you updates on new training guides and newsletter success stories. We hate SPAM and promise to protect your email address.

Thank you for signing up. You’ll soon start receiving free tips and resources. In the meantime, you can start building your store with a free 3-day trial from .

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Determining your target audience is key to successfully selling products online. Your goal is not only to identify a phone case or accessory that should exist, but also to find a target market for the product. After all, your design and planning work is of little use if there are no buyers for your product.

How you collect this information is up to you. New businesses often embrace social media and use tools like Facebook Audience Insights to reach new audiences. Others can go directly to their customers and question them. Know how to build

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