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Counselling For Husband And Wife


Counselling For Husband And Wife – Marriage is a blessing. It is an opportunity to share your life with the one you love. However, as life transitions occur (eg, parenthood and career choices), difficulty managing these commitments and making compromises can lead to rifts.

To help couples regain commitment and rebuild their marriages, this article aims to explain to you why marriage counseling may be an option for you.

Counselling For Husband And Wife

Marriage counseling, also known as couples counseling, is a short-term focused treatment (1 – 12 sessions) with a professional counselor.

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The purpose of marriage counseling is to focus on understanding the problems and the effective resolution of conflicts in the marriage of couples.

Marriage counseling can help couples restore lost emotional intimacy (ie intimacy where couples feel safe and loved) through techniques that improve their communication.

When couples get a platform to talk openly with each other, it reduces the chances of unspoken resentment towards each other and increases the likelihood that partners will understand each other.

Depending on how long it takes you and your partner to open up to each other and the counselor, several sessions can be arranged to familiarize you with the counseling process and help you work through your concerns.

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This special familiarity you gain (with the counseling process) will in turn overcome the communication barrier as the trust and comfort level (between you, your partner and the counselor) develops over time.

The cost of a marriage counseling session can range from $190 to $220 per couple. The fee may also vary depending on:

The role of a marriage counselor is to work with you and your spouse to find new ways to overcome current marital challenges.

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For example, if you are a workaholic, your counselor may suggest that you avoid bringing work home with you and focus on spending more time with your spouse/family.

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For example, when discussions between you and your spouse become heated (during a counseling session), your counselor can help you find skills to control your emotions.

During the session, your counselor can also work with you to calm your partner down, and find ways to express yourself in a less confrontational way.

Some couples barely communicate and tend to respond to conflict by avoiding it. Your counselor will try to bridge this communication gap by encouraging you to talk openly and honestly with your partner.

For example, your counselor can create a ground rule (which only takes effect during counseling sessions) that allows each of you to talk without interrupting each other.

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This gives time and space for you and your partner to actively listen to each other and respond with understanding.

For example, if you cheat on your partner, your partner may feel angry or betrayed by you. This, in turn, is likely to damage your partner’s initial trust in you.

Your counselor will try to assess and identify how trust has been broken and how it can be rebuilt.

Trust issues can also lead to commitment anxiety. This means that if a trusted partner in a committed relationship breaks this trust, the aggrieved partner may develop a negative attitude towards the future of the relationship.

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Your counselor can help you and your partner discuss and understand the fears and concerns you or your partner may have about commitment.

For example, if one of you decides to study full-time for a university degree, how will the responsibilities of parenting or maintaining the home be handled?

Your counselor can help you set clear and realistic goals for making compromises and meeting these commitments.


Ultimately, a counselor’s role is to facilitate conversations between you and your spouse in a way that improves your marriage. That is, by addressing and resolving the underlying issues to find solutions to the problems in your marriage.

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You should also consider counseling if you begin to imagine what your life would be like if you were single.

Often, when a spouse refuses to attend marriage counseling, it may be because they see it as a place to blame everything that goes wrong in the relationship.

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Therefore, when suggesting marriage counseling to your spouse, it is important to approach the subject in a positive and cooperative manner.

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It is normal for couples to feel anxious before attending counseling sessions because they may not know what to expect. So it helps to understand:

Note that the type of approach and questions the advisor may use or ask may vary, depending on your needs and the advisor’s own approach.

Depending on the organization you are requesting counseling services from, you may be asked to fill out forms online or in the waiting room.

After completing these forms, you will go to the counseling room where the content of these forms will be discussed with your counselor.

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Although counseling policies may vary between counseling organizations, it is a general rule that counselors should not discuss information or materials (documents, images, etc.) containing client information without the client’s consent.

The first session is mostly about gathering information. This is so that your counselor can assess the situation and provide the best intervention plan for you and your partner.

Therefore, the personal information form and/or questionnaire will help your counselor to collect as much information as possible about you, your partner and your marital relationship.

During the session, the counselor will discuss these questions with you and your partner. He will also try to allow and ensure that you both get the opportunity to tell your side of the story.

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Your counselor will understand if you feel uncomfortable opening up or sharing your thoughts during the first counseling session. Therefore, he can use some methods to help couples through the counseling process, in the following sessions.

Role playing is acting out of a set of characters that he or she wants to be. For example, if spouse A and spouse B often argue or talk to each other, spouse A can role-play the counselor (playing the role of spouse B) by using “I feel” language.

This means that during the role play the counselor will address a marital question with “I feel” and spouse A will respond with “I heard you say…” This gives spouse A an opportunity to release the pent up emotions , and for the spouse. B to listen carefully and feel where spouse A is coming from.

It also reduces the risk of blaming each other or putting each other down because spouse A does not speak directly to his partner, but the counselor who remains impartial and tries to practice the method with spouse A in a calm way.

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Another way to get married couples through the counseling process is to ask you about your childhood and family history. The type of relationships you saw while growing up can influence your current marital relationship.

For example, if you grew up watching your parents constantly fight (violence or hatred), you may have experienced depression or low self-esteem. This may have transferred and affected your ability to form future relationships.

For example, you may be the type to respond to conflict by avoiding it. So, leave problems unresolved and degrade the quality of interactions with your spouse.

Analyzing your family history can help you become aware of childhood wounds or traumas that you may have experienced on a conscious level. This means that now that you know the reason for your interactions, you will be able to make informed choices when you respond.

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At the end of the tutoring session, you may be assigned homework. For example, the counselor may instruct you to write down your thoughts during the session or any arguments you may have with your partner over the next few days.

It helps to bridge the gap in marriage by confronting and affirming mutual fears, built from the past or from new connections, that may stand between you and your spouse.

If you feel that you and your partner need help communicating and/or solving problems, consider seeking help from a professional counselor as soon as possible.

The information provided is not legal advice. You should obtain specific legal advice from an attorney before taking any legal action. Although we try our best to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, you rely on it at your own risk. Sometimes problems arise in our marriage that we can’t just “forget” because we love each other.

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Couples counseling can provide a safe place for you and your partner to resolve your conflict with a third party.

But convincing your spouse to see a counselor with you can be a minefield. If you’re not careful, therapy talks can lead to another big fight.

But so is picking your battles. Sometimes we try to convince ourselves of that

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