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Glorious Model O Vs G Pro Wireless


Glorious Model O Vs G Pro Wireless – Choosing a gaming mouse can be difficult, especially with new models coming out every few months. The G Pro Wireless and Model O are two of the best mice you can get right now so they are often pitted against each other to determine which is the best.

In this G Pro Wireless vs Model O battle, I’ll walk you through the differences between the two and in the end, you’ll know which one fits your needs. If need be, I’ll also talk about the Model O- which might be better for you.

Glorious Model O Vs G Pro Wireless

These are top 3 mice but the price holds it back. If budget isn’t an issue and you want a wireless mouse, go for the G Pro Wireless.

Glorious Gaming Mouse

You can’t beat the value. If you’re on a budget and don’t care for wireless, go for the Model O, it’s a dud.

Below is a table showing the size and features of each mouse. It will be important to choose which one is best for you. Let’s talk about this in more detail together.

There are a few things you need to think about before choosing between these two mice. First of all, what’s your grip type? Are you a hand, finger or palm type? If you don’t know which one, see my simple explanation here.

The G Pro Wireless fits any hand grip while the O Model is a better fit for fingernails or fingernails. If you’re a palmist, be aware that the G Pro Wireless is small enough that you’ll need small to medium sized hands (17 – 18.5 cm long).

Glorious Model O Minus Mouse Review A More Solid, Smaller Build

The O-Model is generally intended for finger players or finger grip players with small hands. Smaller mice are harder to grip with the palm, so better for finger or claw grips.

The O- model is great for finger players thanks to its very small shell. However, some people prefer larger mice, so the Model O is better. In the end, it’s all personal preference.

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I started saying this in a lot of my reviews but the current sensor is pretty much the same. Yes, they all have different names, but if you stick with top sensors like PMW3360/3366 etc or Logitechs HERO sensors then you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Incidentally that is the sensor these two mice actually use. The HERO sensor in the G Pro Wireless is excellent and some say it’s the best optical sensor you can get right now. Personally I think it’s hard to compare the HERO and PMW3360 in the Model O because they are so comparable.

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Anyway, don’t worry about the sensor between these two mice, you’ll get the best with whichever one you choose.

Prior to its release, the G Pro Wireless was nicknamed Logitech FK because of its similar shape to the Zowie FK series. FK is a highly rated non-deactivation mouse that is popular with many CS professionals. So it makes sense that Logitech has taken some initiative and made a better wireless version.

The Model O however, is arguably closer to the FK in terms of looks. The main difference to note is that the G Pro Wireless has a higher, more rounded hump.

Therefore, this mouse is more palm-friendly than the Model O. Also, the back of the G Pro Wireless mouse is curvier compared to the curved Model O.

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse Review

The curved back gives the Model O excellent finger and nail grip because it doesn’t hit your palm when you move it.

In terms of size, it is better to compare using the table above. However, the G Pro Wireless is slightly taller (40mm vs 37.5mm) but shorter (125mm vs 128mm). Again, this is because it’s better suited for handheld gamers than the Model O.

If you’re not sure if your hand fits this mouse, I recommend checking out my two YouTube reviews where you can see me shaking hands with the mouse. My hand is 17.5cm x 9cm (if you stick your thumb in) so this should help you decide if your hand fits.

For the G Pro Wireless, I recommend a hand no bigger than 18-18.5 cm for palm players or 22 cm for claw players. For players the fingertips can go down with big hands due to the nature of the grip.

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Model O Vs Logitech G Pro Wireless

For the Model O due to hand length I recommend it for hands no bigger than 19-19.5cm for palm turn or 22/23cm for palm turn.

Finally, the Model O- is very small, so you will have a hard time holding it in the palm of your hand, unless your hands are no bigger than 16 cm. To hold your fingernails it will look around 17-18 cm and your fingertips are 21 cm or more.

Weight is also something you have to worry about. It’s more of a preference than anything else, but these mice are two of the lightest on the market for their range of specifications. G Pro Wireless is the lightest wireless mouse at 80g.

The O model is also very light at 67g for the matte version or 68g for the glossy version. The O version for comparison is 58g for the matte version or 59g for the glossy version.

Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mice

10g is a huge difference in weight. If you switch from the G Pro Wireless to the Model O, you can experience a significant reduction in weight. As for the Model O- it is over 20g lighter than the G Pro Wireless!

What’s right for you depends on whether you want a lighter or heavier mouse. However, just because it’s lighter, doesn’t mean it’s better.

As for the side grips, the G Pro Wirelesss are smoother compared to the Model O. I like to think of the G Pro Wireless as a linear mouse because the shell is straighter.

The Os’ grip feels easier to hold, especially with sweaty hands, but both mice could benefit from leather for increased grip.

This Is My Favorite Gaming Mouse

Finally, all mice are considered to be asymmetrical in shape, but only the G Pro Wireless is ambiguous in that it has buttons on either side, so for anyone left-handed this should be an easy choice.

Logitech mice have the best buttons in the business. Mouse 1 and mouse 2 feel very sensitive and sharp and I haven’t found a mouse that comes close to it yet. That’s not to say the Os Model button is bad, though, far from it.

Glorious works really well with the buttons, they feel very premium considering the lower price of the Model O compared to the G Pro Wireless. The O model also has nice finger indentations similar to the Finalmouse Ultralight series which I like compared to the flat buttons of the G Pro Wireless.

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As for the side buttons, the G Pro Wireless wins here too. They are modular allowing you to disable the buttons on each side and the clicks themselves are amazing. The G Pro Wireless also has the best side buttons I’ve tried.

In The Gaming Mice Market, The Smallest Flaw Can Be Fatal

The side buttons on the Model Os have a similar feel to the Zowie FK set and like the G Pro Wireless they have a minimum of prior travel, they are not shy and are an outright steal for $50.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record but Logitech still has the upper hand when it comes to the scroll wheel. They feel more durable, stiffer, and tougher than all the other mice on the market. Each wheel stroke is defined and the wheel click is neither too heavy nor too light.

However, glory did not return. The steps are clearer than the G Pro Wireless and the wheels themselves have deeper bumps. Clicking the scroll wheel requires more effort on the Model O compared to the G Pro Wireless.

It looks like the G Pro Wireless dominates the Model O in this category, but keep in mind the price difference. You’d expect better buttons on a mouse that costs more than twice as much. And for the price, the Model O has some of the best clicks so it fits your budget.


Glorious Series One Pro Vs Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Of course the clue is in the name but the G Pro Wireless is fine… wireless and the Model O is wired. If you’re worried about wireless mice, you don’t need to worry anymore. Wireless mice have come a long way over the years and there was no noticeable lag in the several months I used and tested the G Pro Wireless.

There’s a reason why many professional Overwatch, CSGO, and Fortnite players choose G

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