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How To Make A Cool Website With Html


How To Make A Cool Website With Html – Today I will make a website about your pets. We use Mozilla Thimble and manage our website in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No prior web design or HTML experience is required. Let’s get started.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) modules, It is the language we use to put information on our pages, such as lists etc. change color Create elements such as core content. I’ll look at the CSS code I wrote earlier; But today we will write HTML codes.

How To Make A Cool Website With Html

Before uploading code to our website, HTML: It is important to learn the basics of all tags. There are four things you should know about tags

How To Create A Website Without Using Html

Each tag has an associated value. for example, “h1” is the main heading, “p” is the paragraph, and “ul” creates an unordered list (in a list). We have coded our website today so you can learn more about these tags and you can always find more brand names at w3schools.com. When you code your website today; Make sure that every element (title, title, paragraph, menu, etc.) has the corresponding opening and closing tags or your website will not look exactly how you want it to look. .

To create our website; We need to follow the steps below to setup the code editor.

Now you should see a code editor on the left and a website preview on the right as shown below. Mozilla Thimble gives you a very basic website to get you started, which consists of two pages on the left side. The first page is always “index.html” which is the main page and “style.css” which is our style sheet.

You need to rename your project after your favorite animal; So click on “Untitled Project” in the green bar in the upper left corner and type in a name like “Sarah’s Favorite Pet”. Then click “Save”. Once you have named your project, there is one more thing to do before we start coding our website. Click the gear ⚙ at the top of the coding section and turn off “Auto-closing tags” and “Auto-fill code”.

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When coding your website, you may notice that some of your code turns red. If this happens, it means you made a syntax error. A syntax error means you typed something wrong. For example, You can write the opening tag but forget to write the closing tag. Or maybe you’ve written a character down but forgot the lead line at the beginning. Just look at the little red text and if you see anything, find the error and fix it before continuing. Now we are all ready to start coding.

Every website needs a home page and can have other pages as well. We will create two pages: a home page and an entertainment information page that displays random information about your pet. We will start by creating the home page. Remember we said “index.html” is always the home page, so that’s the page we’re going to edit first. Highlight “index.html” on the left and indicate that “index.html” is the displayed page.

The first thing you need to do is change the title of the page, as I mentioned earlier.

A tag that extends text to a title Good thing they already have.

How To Insert Buttons In An Html Website: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

The title is shown inside, so change the text. Choose a title that makes sense for your pet. As you type, you will see the address change on the right side of the screen where the website preview is. If you don’t see this change, click the reset button ⟳ at the top of the website preview section and your changes will appear.

The above icon contains the text that goes into the browser tab. I don’t want to say “made of clay”. We would like to say something more useful, maybe similar to what you put in your website address.

You won’t see any changes, but when you finish your website, your browser tab will look like the tab shown below.

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Thimble has already written a chapter. “Make something amazing online!” I don’t want to say So remove all the text between the tags in the opening paragraph.

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. Then write a paragraph describing your favorite animal. Make sure your chapter has an opening and closing chapter. (

This time, now that you’ve tweaked everything you can with the framework provided by Thimble, we’re going to start adding our own elements. We have names and descriptions for our pets; But we still don’t know what the animal looks like. Add a line between the title and the paragraph, as we will add our pet image to the front of the paragraph. Add a line of code below and we’ll fill it

Note that the opening tag of the image is not the closing tag, which violates our rule that all HTML elements have opening and closing tags. This is the only exception to this rule.

. The source of the image is usually the URL or the place where you get the image.

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. I’ll put the image URL in quotes to identify the source of the image.

Now we need to find a picture of our animal; So go to Google Photos and search for a picture of your pet by typing in your pet’s name or something similar. When you find the image you want, click on the image to enlarge. Right click on the image and select “Copy Image Title”.


Copying an image title will copy the link pointing to that image (image source). Now go back to Thimble and paste the link between the references inside the image tag. Type it to open on Mac

Your image should now appear on your screen; However, if it is not There is a good chance that the picture will be posted on the website. If your image doesn’t appear, delete the link you added to the image tag. Go back to Google Images Find another image Copy the URL of that image and paste it into your image

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As you can see, your image can be too big or too small. Fortunately, we can scale the image as we want. Before the closing corner pitch

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200 refers to the width of the image in pixels. A pixel is a tiny dot of color on your computer, and many of those tiny dots make up an image and what appears on your screen. You can change the number in 200 pixel increments until you get the image width you want.

We don’t have time to write all the information about our animals on our website, so it would be nice to include a link to another page that has more information about our animals. Let’s start by writing a sentence that will help your website users know where to go to find more information about your pet. Add a new line after the paragraph you wrote that describes your pet. Then enter your pet’s name in the field for a new transaction and enter the code below.

But the most important thing to note is the feature inside the “a” tag. The “href” attribute stands for Hypertext Reference, like “src” in our image. This Hypertext link takes the user to a link when he clicks on the words in the “a” tag. In other words, this will take you to this page. So you need to find a link to add “href” after the quotes.

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Switch to another tab in your browser and search for “[your pet] Wikipedia”. In most cases, your pet’s Wikipedia page will be the first link that appears. Click this link Highlight the URL in the upper left corner of the browser and copy it. Copy to Mac.

Then go back to Thimble and paste this URL between the quotes in the “a” tag. remember

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