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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go I5 Review


Microsoft Surface Laptop Go I5 Review – Surface Laptop Go 2 review: Basic, but in a good way For just $50 more than the old model, you get a better device.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go I5 Review

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review: Reverse Engineering A Budget Computer

The keyword gets a bad rap But there’s something to be said for simple devices that give you everything without the expensive extras So while the new Surface Laptop Go 2 isn’t as flashy as the Surface Studio or as flexible as the Surface Pro 8, it offers all the essentials at an affordable price. And thanks to an upgraded CPU, upgraded storage, redesigned fans, and a starting price of just $600, you now get more for your money.

Not much has changed on the design and I don’t mind because it is grounded in the best possible way. You still have the Super Minimalist Surface Light 2.5. Pounds add to the body Microsoft uses aluminum on its lid and deck, but the plastic bottom helps keep costs down. Inside, the 12.4-inch PixelSense display has thin bezels, and while the Laptop Go 2’s keyboard and touchpad are a bit smaller than you’ll find on the larger Surface, it never feels cramped. That said, I think it was a bit reckless on Microsoft’s part not to add a backlight for the keyboard. Year 2022: Light switches should be standard regardless of price

Now I have to admit that the port selection is a bit limited. What you get is a USB-A connector, a USB-C connector, a headphone jack and a Magnetic Surface Connect slot. My best laptop has at least three USB ports And unlike its big sister, the Surface Laptop Go 2 doesn’t have a bonus USB-A port on the power brick, which would be really handy when charging extra accessories. On the bright side, the Laptop Go 2 supports USB-C charging, so you can easily swap out Microsoft’s included brick for a third-party charging adapter if you want.

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I’d also like to point out that while our top-of-the-line review unit comes with a fingerprint sensor built into its power button, you won’t find it in the base model. Again, I know Microsoft is trying to keep costs down, but it really should be available in any configuration

Mobile Review.com Обзор премиально бюджетного Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

For the display, Microsoft stuck with the same 1,536 x 1,024 touchscreen used in older models. No, it’s not full HD, but colors are vibrant, and while Microsoft claims a brightness of 330 nits, our review unit actually recorded a more impressive 375 nits. Thanks Microsoft for increasing its nominal features Do I want a little more resolution? Of course. But on a 12.4 inch screen it still looks pretty bad, from a normal viewing distance you don’t really notice the low pixel density.

Microsoft also says that the Laptop Go 2’s speakers are 24 percent louder than before, and that’s true. You won’t see any visible speaker grills because everything is hidden under the keyboard. But the audio still comes through clearly, even if the soundstage is a bit lower, with less detail in the highs and lows, which I like. But in a system that starts at $600, I’m satisfied

The Laptop Go 2’s webcam is still only 720p, but Microsoft says there’s a new sensor inside that improves contrast and color satisfaction. And you know what? I still believe that a 1080p webcam should be the minimum.- The camera is very capable.

A significant improvement on the Surface Laptop Go 2 is its performance. Microsoft scored an 11. Compared to a larger machine like the HP Specter x360 with an i5-11390H chip, the Laptop Go 2’s scores on general performance tests were PCMark 10 and Geekbench 5 about 10 percent less. Although the lack of distinctive graphics makes it more demanding to test or work

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

Unfortunately, Microsoft stuck with just 4GB of RAM in the base model, which is a bit soft, and perhaps the company sent a higher model with 8GB of RAM for review. And if you decide to pick one up, you have to pay $100 for this upgrade. Meanwhile, the biggest change is that the Surface Laptop Go 2 now comes with a standard 128GB SSD instead of the 64GB eMMC drive you got before. So even in the basic model you get faster speed and more storage

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In the real world, the Surface Laptop Go 2 has no problem quickly switching between browser tabs, multiple Office programs, and more—that’s all I ask in a system like this. And thanks to Intel integrated Iris Z graphics, you can even do light video editing and casual gaming, although nothing else will definitely push it.

Battery life on the Surface Laptop Go 2 is strong, lasting 14 hours and 43 minutes in our video test. That’s longer than what you get with more expensive Surfaces, including the Surface Pro 8 (13:06) and the Surface Laptop Studio (12:24). However, if longevity is your main concern, the 15-inch Surface Laptop 4 has a slight edge in our test with a time of 15:25.

I also appreciate that Microsoft tried to reduce the sound of the system fan, 10 decibels at maximum speed. In general use, the Laptop Go 2 is actually quieter when you’re just surfing the web and runs very quietly most of the time, rising to just above a whisper when you’re not multitasking. In some cases, this laptop looks like an ideal candidate for a completely fanless design. That said, Windows machines don’t have the same powerful chips you’ll find in something like the M1 MacBook Air. But let’s not forget that a MacBook Air costs $200 more than a Surface Laptop Go 2.

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And clearly, this is the most important issue when comparing the Microsoft travel laptop with its more expensive competitors. As someone like me who uses a desktop at home, the Surface Laptop Go 2 is a great companion, and I’d rather lug it around a big, heavy Intel MacBook Pro 13 meant for work. Of course, it is not very powerful and it has a small resolution screen, but it is capable enough to work on the road. It’s a great notebook for students or anyone who just wants a well-designed, no-frills notebook that’s easy to carry. It doesn’t have a webcam or an IR stylus for facial recognition like you’d get at a more advanced level, but that’s fine. Even if you pay for the upgraded model (which I highly recommend), the Surface Laptop Go 2 is still great, very affordable, and even stylish while covering all the bases.

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All recommended products are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. All prices are correct at time of publication Good keyboard, good design and solid build are hampered by running hot, poor battery life and software bugs.

The Surface Laptop Go is an interesting machine, but is let down by its price, battery life and software. Photo: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The Surface Laptop Go is Microsoft’s attempt to bring the best features of high-end machines to the mid-range PC market, but with some corners cut.

Surface Laptop Go Review: Microsoft Delivers A Decent Budget Pc

Starting at £549, it’s less than the £999 Surface Laptop 3 and £799 Surface Pro 7, but £399 more than the Surface Go 2 tablet.

It has an attractive starting price, but the cheapest model with only 64 GB of eMMC storage is very slow. So really, to get a model with enough storage, you need to spend £699 for a machine with 128GB of traditional SSD storage.

From the outside, the Laptop Go is a very convincing facsimile of a premium laptop. It’s a little smaller with the same flat metal cover, but the rest of the body is plastic, not aluminum. It feels solidly built and the keyboard deck is metal

The keyboard is a bit small and the keys aren’t backlit, but it’s a good typing experience The trackpad is large and accurate, one of the best you’ll find on a Windows machine

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Review: The Tricky Math Of Budget Laptop Buying

At 12.4 inches (vs. 13.5 inches), the LCD screen is a bit smaller, and while it looks better, it’s worse than the 3-inch laptop.

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