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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Tablet Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Tablet Review – I got a new Galaxy Tab S7+ to use. I noticed that inside this bag they also sent me a keyboard accessory with a book cover. Then I realized that the tablet actually comes with a book cover keyboard in the box, a RM999 accessory that is now included for free.

So I will be reviewing the Galaxy Tab S7+ with everything you get in the box.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Tablet Review

Let’s talk about the tablet itself first. It’s actually very thin and has that signature Samsung tablet feel. Very thin and elegant design at the same time very robust, no surprises.

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It has a total of 4 speakers (two on each side) and can get very loud and sound great. But the audio jack is missing.

Also, do not put the fingerprint scanner under the tablet screen. It’s bulky. Make it like the Z Fold2 with this side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

The display, I won’t lie, is big and beautiful. At 12.4 inches with a resolution of 2800 x 1752 pixels, it’s essentially a 2K+ resolution and can reach 120Hz with HDR10+ support.

This screen is great for watching videos and also includes games. We played a lot of games on this tablet, including the new Genshin Impact.

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I’ve complained that tablets have small bezels because I can’t hold them without touching the screen, but the GalaxyTab S7+ is an exception. Here are keyboard plugins for book covers.

The back snaps on magnetically – actually a big piece of magnet – and provides a corner for the S Pen to sit so it can charge wirelessly with the tablet, and it’s also protected from damage or possible drops from the tablet.

And then there’s the support – I absolutely love the support, honestly. It can be used in many different angles and it’s great! But since it uses a stand design, it also has all the inherent disadvantages, such as not being able to use the Galaxy Tab S7+ as a lap laptop.

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Then comes the front side. It is magnetically attached to the bottom and retracts using pogo pins. It has a keyboard and a trackpad. The keyboard and trackpad are very similar to a laptop. The keyboard keys are excellent and the layout is easy to customize. The FN keys fulfill all the functions expected from a notebook.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe: Can It Offer A Flagship Experience At A Budget Price?

The trackpad works well, even multi-finger swipes work just like Windows or Mac. Unfortunately, the trackpad also brought an inherently bad palm rejection to Windows laptops.


Although the Galaxy Tab S7+ is an Android tablet, I used the Galaxy Tab S7+ as a laptop in DeX mode. Surprisingly, hotkeys like show desktop, Winkey + arrows to resize window also work, which I love.

And RAM management is also excellent. This tablet only has 6GB of RAM, but I never use more than 4.5GB.

And since the front piece collapses, I flipped it over to create a stand platform so I can use the device stably on my lap. Fortunately, there is a sensor that turns off the keyboard when the keyboard is turned to a certain angle.

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One gripe I have here is that once the book cover keyboard is fully closed, it is very difficult to open it again. There is a difference between how the lips are on either side of this book cover keyboard, which I think is easier to show than explain. The S Pen compartment is easy to open. Opening the keyboard is difficult.

Talking about the S Pen, it is very fast with the latest technology just like the Galaxy Note20 Ultra as it has reduced the latency to 9ms. The council is another story. It’s not the same as the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s unique soft tip material, but the Galaxy Tab S7+ S Pen has these… two different material situations. I don’t know why, but this S Pen is smoother than the one on the Note20 Ultra.

And finally battery life. Along with such a beautiful screen with high resolution and high refresh rate, there is also a large battery of 10 and 090 mAh. It lasts a day of use as a laptop and does not meet my expectations. Although to be fair, as a laptop, this Galaxy Tab S7+ has really great battery life.

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At RM4599 (that’s a high price for a tablet) but a very nice tablet. You can do whatever you want: work, play, watch movies, listen to music, all these things. This device can do it all, but the price is a bit excessive.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Review

Like our Facebook page here for more news and detailed reviews! Also join our Facebook group for detailed information and memes! Along with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Samsung introduced a lightweight version of the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. FE stands for “Fan Edition”. This series should offer Samsung fans the most popular features of a high-end device at an affordable price. With the Tab S7 FE, we get a large 12.4-inch screen, a premium case, S Pen and even Samsung DeX. But we have to make sacrifices. Worth it? Here’s what you’ll learn in this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE review.

The cheapest WiFi version of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE starts at $530. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus originally launched for $850, but you can now get it for just over $700. The standard Tab S7 used to cost $650 and now sells for $530. Note that this one has a smaller screen.

Let’s start with the display, as it is the unique selling point of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. For less than $600, we have a 12.4-inch screen. Tablets this large usually cost much more. However, unlike the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, the FE has a standard LCD display instead of a Super AMOLED panel. The resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels is the same, so texts look very sharp.

It’s an LCD screen and that means the contrast isn’t as high as the S7 Plus. And it’s slightly darker than the Galaxy Tab S7, which also has an LCD screen. Whites look a bit yellowish in direct comparison.

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While other tablets in the S7 series support 120Hz, the S7 FE has a standard 60Hz screen. This means the animations don’t look smooth.

I seem to complain a lot about the screen, but that’s only when we’re comparing a mid-range device to a higher-end premium tablet. Overall I think the screen is very good. It has wide viewing angles, is very sharp, fully laminated and bright enough to work outdoors in the shade.

Since Widevine has L1 level, you can watch Netflix and other services in HD.

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As with the rest of the range, the S Pen is included, so you don’t have to buy it anymore. At first glance, it looks identical to the styluses on the S7 and S7 Plus. And of course, since all S Pens are interchangeable, you can use the S7 FE stylus with the S7 Plus and vice versa. I love that this is possible with all Samsung S Pen devices.

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However, there is a difference inside. The S7 and S7 Plus styluses have a built-in battery, which the S7 FE stylus does not. You’ll never have to write and draw with the S Pen again. But in order to use the Bluetooth gestures that the S7 series supports, you need to download them. So they don’t work with the S7 FE. However, you can attach the stylus to the tablet magnetically just like the S7 Plus.

The software functions are identical. I still think Samsung Notes is one of the best note taking apps for Android and is great for handwriting or drawing with the S Pen. You can also mark up a PDF. The pen is very accurate and works great.

Air regulators are also supported. With them, you can quickly create a new note, take a screenshot and comment on it, use the translation feature, and more.

Another difference I noticed is due to the screen. Since the S7 FE has a 60Hz display, the S Pen doesn’t seem to respond as instantly as it does on a 120Hz display. You will see when I draw quickly. It’s because of the screen and nothing to do with the stylus.

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Inside, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G octa-core processor with 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. You can get it with WiFi only and WiFi plus 5G.

Benchmarks show that it is significantly slower than the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus

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